What You Learn As You Earn

“I didn’t go to college. I didn’t travel overseas and study abroad. I simply got into my car at the age of 20, drove to a small town in Delaware, and found a job introducing Metallica tracks overnight on the local rock station. I stayed in a tiny, roach and mice infested apartment, struggled to keep the lights on, and worked hard to earn my 16,000 dollar a year salary. And I loved it.”

“I didn’t love the roaches, and I didn’t love the poverty-level wages, but I loved going to bed every night dreaming of things to come. I didn’t have very many friends out there, nor much of anything that might have resembled a social life (not that I could have afforded one anyway).”-Matt Walsh- Former Radio Personality and Blogger

"Just did it!"

“Just did it!”

These quotes are from Matt Walsh’s Blog explaining why he is leaving radio forever– because of his success as a Blogger. A success he created by doing what it took to develop his “audience.” his “market.” His “craft.”

Finding your success in life is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Trying to find a short cut to success diminishes your chances of actually finding success, because you miss the opportunities to explore, and grow and become the success that you wish to be.

Matt Walsh served his “apprenticeship.” He paid his dues.

There are no shortcuts. But there are plenty of successes out there for people who choose to do what they love and stick with it.

Are you looking for shortcuts? or are you serving your “apprenticeship” to become the “journeyman” or “master” at what you like to do?

Success will come. It did for Matt Walsh.

Serve your time. Work hard. Share your passion.