What are people thinking?

By permission of Steve Breen And Creator's Syndicate Inc.

By permission of Steve Breen And Creator’s Syndicate Inc.

What are people thinking?

“A study found that 37% of currently employed college grads are doing work for which only a high school degree is required” – Bureau of Labor Statistics Quoted in Forbes

There is a perception that we have to go to college. Why? Well, it’s so that we are able to get a job, right? Here is some data that isn’t popular, but should be communicated to our youth and their families before they commit to lot of unneeded college debt.

“68% of high school students are attending college. Almost 40% of students who begin 4 year programs are not completing them” – Bureau of Labor Statistics Quoted in Forbes

So one might ask, what does this mean? It means that there has been a waste of time, money, and now we have created student loan debt. Isn’t it about time we come up with a better plan to change how people are thinking?

Where to start?

Article  on need for Vocational training in Forbes

Post by Sterling Gill, III