We’re Working Overtime- How Would That Impact Your Personal Economy?

PMPA’s January 2014 Business Trends Report shows that 58% of our shops were scheduling overtime, and 36% of our shops were scheduling 45 hours or more in January.

Would the prospects of overtime help your personal economic situation?

Consider too,  that ninety-three percent (93%) of our respondents expect prospects for employment to remain the same or increase.

Not a lot of pessimism for employment.

Not a lot of pessimism for employment.

Our industry is seeking talented, math-capable, critical thinkers to make the parts that make a difference in today’s sophisticated technologies. Our shops will assist  with training, pay well, and as you can see, most are scheduling overtime.

Our country continues to need anti-lock brake parts, airbag parts, and parts for medical devices. Our precision machining shops  employ the latest CNC and other technologies to convert barstock into parts that enable safety critical technologies like these to perform.

Look at the economics.

Look at our career info and training resource database.

Prospects remain strongly positive for Precision Machining.

How does that compare to your current situation?