Unpaid Internships- Gamble Or Good Idea?

Parents, why would you let someone take such terrible advantage of your children and the monies you think that you “invested” in their education?

Truth if you are an intern.

Truth if you are an intern.

This is from the New York Times, folks, not some half crazed obscure internet site.

Here are just some snippets  from the paper’s  recent article on Internships in America:

Article Title: For Interns, All Work And No Payoff

Article Subtitle: Millennials Feel Trapped in a Cycle of Internships With Little Pay and No Job Offers

A selection of quotes :

  • “When that internship proved to be a dead end;”
  • “When that went nowhere;”
  • “A year later on his fourth internship;”
  • “Call them members of the permanent intern underclass;”
  • “I worked 32 hours a week and was treated like a minion,”

I hope that you aren’t thinking that “it is completely normal to think that working unpaid is part of the process.”

Get skills. Get a real job. Get paid. Get a real career. Continue to grow your education and talent.

Don’t be part of a permanent intern underclass.

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