Time of Joy, Anticipation, and Hope!


What are your thoughts on giving?

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‘Tis the season for giving and wishing. A time of joy, anticipation, and hopes for a Happy New Year! While the focus is on family and friends, there are still thoughts about work. How thankful we are compared to what will the new year bring?

After enjoying this time with family and friends, there are a few questions that we might reflect upon:

How about we take this positive energy that we get around this time and use it as inspiration to move forward into the New Year with a plan! A plan where you can “earn as you learn”, work for a company that values employees, and enter an industry that will pay for training and education! It’s not easy or for everyone, but the first step is to reflect upon the image of what we see and decide where we want to be!


How about looking at options near you?



Post by Sterling Gill, III