Taking the Challenge Head On!

It’s all about the approach.

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For those of us that are football fans, especially if your team is one of the two remaining survivors, Super Sunday is upon us! This is a day of great anticipation to either cheer for a team or enjoy the new commercials that air throughout the game. I have come to appreciate both, but I am just as excited about the many initiatives geared toward workforce development that are available near you. 

If you’re like many whose team didn’t make it to the final game this year, we are left with some choices. We can stay in the moment and be disappointed, or move on and understand that there is always next year. We can choose to enjoy the festivities that surrounds the game or completely blow it off.  What approach will we decide to take? Isn’t this similar to finding a job? We might not have the job we want currently, we don’t know where to look, and we wonder what the future looks like? So, do we continue to be unhappy or can we look at some programs that can help provide options to not just another job, but a pathway to a career.  


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Post by Sterling Gill, III