Taking Charge of a New Year!

Developing work skills is a top priority in 2017!

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There is a popular T.V. show called “The Voice”. On this show, inspired singers from all walks of life attempt to make an impression on established artists, producers, and a global audience. They do this by performing to a variety of genres throughout a series of performances. The roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of their journey is shared through story and song. As one by one, they are eliminated, the hearts and minds of the audience are captured and helps to identify the nature of trying to achieve in this great land of opportunity known as AMERICA!


*So the idea is a search for the hidden talent. Is this not the state of the precision machined industry?

I would argue yes. Not only will you hear my thoughts but what about from some of our leaders within the industry when I had the opportunity to visit their shops who say things like “There is a shortage of highly skilled, motivated, talent” (Bob) or “Workforce development is the future of our company” (Jeff). This helps to validate, and many others will share, that the #1 challenge is finding this hidden talent.

On my journey looking into this challenge, two questions immediately come to mind. Where is the talent? And Is it really hidden? In answering the question where is the talent I have found that it’s here right in front of us. By right here in front of us, I mean taking the time to identify, invest, and develop in the local talent within our community.  That being the case I have noticed a common theme which then leads me to believe that if this is true then THIS TALENT IS NOT HIDDEN, BUT IS UNAWARE! As we take charge of a new year, let’s exhaust every resource in making people aware.



Post by Sterling Gill, III