STEM Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Forum

Hudson  High School in Hudson, Ohio will be hosting a statewide Believe in Ohio STEM Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Forum  February 22, 2014.

The program will be hosted by Dr. Julian Earls, retired Director – NASA Glenn Research Center & Executive in Residence at Cleveland State University.

700 students are expected to attend.

700 students are expected to attend.

STEM is a critical area for future careers and drives developments in our advanced manufacturing industries, where plenty of jobs are available.

“To be useful, STEM education must help students think
how to apply their knowledge and interests to the marketplace though innovation
and entrepreneurship,” – Dr Lynn Elfner, Director, Believe in Ohio.

Speakers on topics relevant to  our advanced manufacturing industries and careers including advanced materials polymers, aerospace,  fuel cells, energy and orthopedic and medical devices:

  • Mr. Aram Nerpouni, President of BioEnterprise (Keynote speaker – will speak about the business formation, recruitment and acceleration efforts to grow healthcare companies and commercialize bioscience technologies in Northeast Ohio)
  • Dr. Katrina Cornish, Ohio State University (will speak about bio-emergent materials, value-added products and biofuels)
  • Dr. Brian L. Davis, Chair, University of Akron Dept. of Biomedical Engineering (will speak about medical devices)
  • Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, Professor of Polymer Science, University of Akron (will speak about development in the field of polymer science)
  • Mr. Johnathan Holifield, Vice President of Inclusive Competitiveness at NorTech (will speak about the opportunities today’s students will have in the future)
  • Mr. Paul G.P. Hoogenboom, Sr. Vice President, RPM Intl, Inc. (will speak about advanced material developments
  • Mr. John Klipfell, Exec Dir, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (will speak about the NE Ohio Entrepreneurial Ecosystem)
  • Mr. Chris Mather & Mr. Ted Theofrastous from the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center (will speak about developments in the world of advanced energy
  • Dr. Kurt Sacksteder, Chief of the Space Environment & Experimentation Branch of NASA Glenn Research Center (will speak about NASA’s plans for space exploration)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Sump, Administrative Director Orthopaedic & Rheumatology Research at the Cleveland Clinic and Mr. JeShaune Jackson, Cleveland Clinic Innovations (will speak about recent developments at the Cleveland Clinic)
  • Mr. Pat Valente, Executive Director of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition (will speak about the many developments in Ohio’s growing fuel cell industry)
  • Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Jr., recently retired Associate Administrator for Mission Support at NASA (will speak about how NASA research and development  over the years has been a catalyst for innovation throughout our economy)

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Believe In Ohio  is managed by the Ohio Academy Of Science

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