Nearly 2/3 Recent High School Grads In College, Yet…

53.6%  of recent college grads are either jobless or underemployed (1.5 million recent grads) according to The Atlantic.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just published a supplement to the Current Population Survey highlighting the fact that almost 2/3 of 2013 high school graduates are enrolled in college.

Hold Your applause-

Hold your applause-

But hold the applause- what if over half of them will be unemployed or underemployed despite their degree? 

That is what many current college grads are facing right now.

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65.9% of Class of 2013 high school Graduates are enrolled in college. Sadly, over half of recent college Grads are either unemployed or under employed in positions that do not require their expensive degree.

Are we doing anyone any favors by encouraging our young people to pile on college debt for college degrees that do not offer a career ROI (return on investment)?

Advanced manufacturing companies, like our precision machining companies, meanwhile are searching for people with Skills and Talent.

Why not consider a “Learn While You Earn” dual career and educational pathway by getting CNC machining skills and credentials at a community college and getting a great career. BLS says median wages are $19.10 an hour or over $40,910 annually. We believe those numbers to be low based on our own surveys.

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