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How is your Digital Literacy?


We have heard the saying that “It’s the little things we take for granted” but sometimes its the big things as well. In this day and age of social media awareness, high-tech products, and IT programs we make some assumptions about how tech savvy we really are? Children are growing up with and learning how to use technology in ways we never thought of or had available at the time (I know, I am dating my self), but the fact remains that what we see being used, advertised, and who uses them may not really define what digital literacy truly means?


According to the Princeton-based Educational Testing Service, millennials are lacking a specific skill that employers routinely need: a category they define as “problem-solving in technology-rich environments.” 

(Kevin J. Conlan)


So, what is the problem? Students are graduating from high school and college without adequate tech skills and competency which will negatively affect the nation’s economy and skilled workforce.

Possible solutions:

  • IT focused programs which can improve the quality for years to come.
  • Accelerated learning programs that provide credentialing.
  • Government funding and business partnerships to support training and development.

What are your thoughts?



Post by Sterling Gill, III