Inventables Wants to Make 3D Milling Mainstream


Chicago-based Inventables  CEO Zach Kaplan says his company  plans to give away 3D carving machines to libraries and other public maker spaces in all 50 states.

“We believe that to ignite the digital manufacturing revolution, we need to provide free access to these important 3D carving tools to as many people as possible,” Kaplan said in the statement.

The desktop 3D carving machines, also known as CNC milling machines, make computer-designed objects out of real materials, like wood and steel. They sell for about $650 and differ from the more-publicized 3D printers, which make objects using strands of plastic.

Over 44,000 people have visited the Harold Washington Library maker lab to explore the technology.


We think that this will be a great introduction into precision machining!

Original post Chicago Tribune Blue Sky