Inspiring Students to Consider Manufacturing Career- Pioneer Service Inc.

“There are more “good” career paths than just college. Manufacturing offers alternatives.”-Rose of Sharon DeVos, Business Development Manager, Pioneer Service Inc.

High school students often feel pressured to attend college, regardless of their abilities and interests. From an engineer to a machinist or a warehouse clerk, manufacturing companies offer great career paths to those willing to work and passionate about developing their talents to the fullest.

Manufacturing offers multiple career options.

Manufacturing offers multiple career options.

On November 18th, the Technology Center of DuPage, located in Addison, Illinois hosted representatives from a number of businesses, vocational and higher education organizations for its College and Career Day. The objective was to educate area high school students on a wide range of careers, including careers in manufacturing.

Rose of Sharon DeVos, Business Development Manager at Pioneer Service Inc. shared the opportunities related to CNC machining and manufacturing in general that are available at Pioneer Service Inc. She shared her personal experience of sixteen years in the industry and that of her son who is recent high school graduate, just starting out on his career in manufacturing.

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Our industry is facing a shortfall of talent. Efforts like this to change the conversation to help people find great careers are critical to sustaining manufacturing in North America in the years ahead. Tip of the hat to Rose of Sharon DeVos and Pioneer Service Inc. for having that conversation.