How Important is Luck to Your Career Plan?

A lot of information is available stating that a college education is a great investment. The writers  back their statements with data and statistics too.

What many fail to say, however, is the “Your results may vary” disclaimer.

If you can land a degree-relevant job, their data and statistics are correct.

But if you cannot land a degree-relevant job, the amount you are wagering  on college is your

  • actual out of pocket PLUS
  • proceeds from college loans PLUS
  • interest that you will have to pay until the loans are paid off.

All the while “NOT” getting a payoff for the “investment.”

How large is the “Luck Component” of your career plan?

So what are the chances of failing to land that degree-relevant job?

The good news is that underemployment among young college grads is now only 44% according to The Atlantic.

That is good news because  last year the figure was over 53% were jobless or underemployed.

Sounds like more than a bit of luck is part of the college degree pathway.

The odds  of landing a degree relevant job aren’t terribly encouraging while the debt and investment consequences are substantial- regardless of employment outcome.

What of those who do not find degree relevant employment?

According to the BLS Table 6:  ”15.1% of all persons with bachelor degree or higher that work at hourly wage rates are being paid at or below minimum wage.”

Here’s the table:

15.1% of persons bachelor degree or higher that work at hourly wage rates are being paid at or below minimum wage.

Starting a career in precision machining does not require a substantial input of luck.

Within a year of skills training at a local community college you can have the skills needed to land a well paying job as a precision machinist. Our shops are hiring, sentiment for employment among our business trends respondents remains above 90%, and on average our shops are scheduling almost 3 hours of overtime. Each week.

A career in advanced manufacturing as a skilled precision machinist doesn’t take luck.

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