Believe in Ohio- STEM Bridge to a Great Career

In addition to my work with the PMPA, I am pleased to be a Director with the Ohio Academy of Science. The Ohio Academy of Science  developed, with assistance from Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio, NorTech, The Ohio General Assembly, and the Ohio Board of Regents, a program to encourage Ohio Students to prepare for a technologically competent future, called Believe in Ohio.

believe in ohiocrop

Believe in Ohio will:

  • Open students’ eyes to what they will experience in the future and how to prepare for it. 
  • Inspire students’ interest in STEM where many of the best jobs and careers of the future will be. 
  • Plant in students the seed of entrepreneurship to give them the tools to create their own futures. 
  • Provide students an opportunity to compete for cash awards and Ohio college scholarships. 

Interested in STEM education and opportunities in Ohio? First take a look at our first Believe in Ohio .pdf newsletter

Then check out our website to find a way to join us in our work to make a difference.

Want more information about the need for Stem education? Link.